Here’s what our clients are saying:

Debbie & David B.
Sugar Lake, Seguin, ON

Effortless and Efficient!

Without a doubt, working with Vertex was one of the easiest renovation projects we have undertaken. Sam worked with us in the beginning in order to price the contract according to our wishes without changing the project drastically. He then showed up on time, completed ahead of schedule and on budget. In addition Sam accommodated some important changes near the end, without hesitation. The result of what was to be a simple “stairs to the lake” project out of some huge chunks of Canadian Shield, was awesome!

Steve & Joan C.
Bala, ON

Quality Workmanship

Repeatedly, friends and family visiting have paid countless compliments to the level of workmanship and choices made to accomplish the overall ‘feel’ we are most comfortable and at home in. Sam’s landscaping design exceeded our expectations, making our outdoor space as stunning as the building itself, enticing our two young grandsons outside the minute they wake up. It has been our pleasure working with you and your team this past year from A-Z, and are sincerely happy to recommend your team, building and landscaping, to anyone considering taking the same pathway as us. Kindest regards,